Review: LifeSmart “Amish Inspired Power Plus” Infrared Heater

LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power PlusThe LifeSmart Amish Inspired Power Plus is rated to heat a room up to 1200 sq. ft.  It is a portable and safe way to provide supplemental heat for your home.

This product uses copper heat exchangers and 6 infrared quarts heating elements to work with your home’s existing heating system and reduce overall utility costs.

The heating elements are non-combustible, and the heater itself does not get hot to the touch.

This helps make the product safe for households with children and pets.  The company’s testing indicates that these heaters are 66% more effective than propane heaters.


  • The LifeSmart Amish Inspired Power Plus provides cleaner and healthier heat thanks to a lifetime air filter.  The filter removes the dust and the other particles from the air. It also keeps you family healthy by removing disease causing mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.
  • The filter is removable and can be cleaned with wither a vacuum cleaner or soap and water.
  • The product provides safe heat because it does not get too hot to be touched by children.
  • Sturdy wheels provide easy portability.
  • Can be conveniently operated by remote control.
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • No installation is required.  Power cord plugs in to any household outlet.

The Reviews

There are a number of negative reviews for this product that are concerning.  Others, however, seem to indicate a lack of understanding of how these products work.  Many of the negative reviews complained of receiving defective units.  One even had their heater catch fire from the inside.  Calls to the manufacturer did not determine the cause of the problem.  The company claims that the outlet is to blame, while the reviewer indicates that the outlet is fine.

Many of the negative reviews show frustration that the heater cannot heat a 1200 sq. ft. room.  Some of these reviewers failed to understand that the heater is designed to provide supplemental heat only.  Once a room is up to temperature, this heater will maintain that temperature.

The positive reviews indicate that this heater is fully capable of functioning as intended.  Many of the commenters state that it does a good job of maintaining room temperatures, and bringing down overall utility costs.  Although spikes in electric bills are reported, these costs are more than offset by the savings in heating oil costs.  With the rising cost of oil, this can mean a significant savings,

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Although this heater has numerous negative reviews, it has received more positive ratings than negative and deserves to be recommended.  Buyers first need to understand what the unit can do.  It is designed to save money by maintaining room temperatures.  It does not heat a living space on its own.  It maintains the temperature as a supplement to the home’s main heating system.  These heaters allow home heating systems to work less hard, thus earning a net savings in utility costs by driving down home heating oil usage.  Once you understand what the product is intended to do, it apparently works well enough to be considered as a viable option.

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