Review: iLIVING Portable Infrared Heater

iLIVING Infrared Portable Space Heater with Dual Heating SystemThe new iLIVING infrared portable space heater is a supplemental heating source for rooms up to 1000 sq. ft.

It uses an infrared quartz tube and ceramic heating tiles to produce energy efficient heat and disperse it evenly throughout the room.

The noise level is very quiet at only 39dB.  Four sturdy caster wheels provide portability.  This unit also comes with a lifetime air filter.

This filter comes off easily and can be cleaned with either a vacuum cleaner or soap and warm water.


  • Dual heating system uses quartz infrared tube and ceramic tile to generate more heat than other heaters.
  • New fan technology allows this unit to operate at a hyper quiet 39dB.
  • Electronic thermostat has a range from 50 to 86 degrees.  Automatic energy saving mode shuts the heater on and off to maintain proper temperatures without wasting electricity.
  • Safety features include tip over and overheat protection systems to automatically shut off the unit.
  • Not hot to the touch, this heater is safe to use around small children and pets.
  • Removable lifetime air filter is easy to clean.

The Reviews

To date there have not been a lot of reviews for this product.  The ones that do exist are fairly evenly dispersed between positive and negative.  The negative reviews are varied. One person received a unit that failed within two weeks.  Customer service said the fuse was blown and mailed a new one, but the user was not able to install it without help.  Interestingly, one of the positive reviewers commented about a blown fuse as well.  Another complaint was concerning a smell emanating from the heater.  This happens with most heaters when they are first turned on.  The smell dissipates in a couple of days.

Negative comments about heaters not warming up are always suspect.  These heaters are not designed to replace central air systems.  Without more reviews, it is hard to determine if the reported heating problems are legitimate or the result of someone using the product incorrectly.

The positive reviews all agree that this heater works well.  It adequately and comfortably provides supplemental heat in cold and drafty rooms.  Remember that space heaters are supplemental heaters only and cannot replace your home’s central heating system.  One reviewer liked it so much that they bought three more.  This heater also got good grades for the remote control, push button controls, price, and energy savings.

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This heater is recommended.  The ratings are not stellar, but there is a small sample size.  The issue with the smell is common to all heaters and goes away in 2 to 3 days.  Blown fuses seems like it might be a common issue, but with such a small number of reviews it is hard to tell.  The positive reviews reveal that this heater works as intended.  The iLIVING infrared portable space heater is an effective supplemental heater.  Once a desired temperature is reached, you can turn on this heater and it will maintain that temperature while reducing the load on the home’s central heating system.

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