Review: iHeater IH-1500W Portable Infrared Heater

iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared HeaterThe iHeater IH-1500W uses infrared technology to provide energy efficient heat and reduce your utility bill.  Infrared heaters are much safer than the kind of space heaters we constantly see in the news starting devastating house fires.

They are not a fire hazard, and do not emit toxic fumes as do kerosene heaters.  Infrared heaters also do not take humidity out of the air.  The loss of humidity that can be attributed to conventional space heaters dries out the skin and eyes, causes nose bleeds, and lowers immunity which in turn causes disease.

They also cause of loss of oxygen in the air, which can cause fatigue.  Infrared heaters are compact and easily transportable.


  • Infrared titanium oxide heating elements are housed within a copper heating chamber.
  • Heat is evenly spread by the room’s own humidity levels.  This prevents the loss of oxygen and humidity.
  • Safety features, also, include the automatic shut off feature  if the unit tips over.
  • Washable air filter that never has to be replaced.
  • Infrared heaters can cut utility bills by up to 50%!
  • Can evenly heat a 1500 sq. ft. room.
  • One year full factory warranty on parts and service.

The Reviews

Reviews for the iHeater have not been stellar.  The negative comments are rather telling.  People who gave this heater a less than positive review simply said that it does not heat a room.  The iHeater is apparently designed to maintain room temperature, not raise it.  Several commentators stated that the unit does not even maintain temperatures well.  Even those that gave this product a lukewarm rating stated that it could not heat spaces less than 500 sq. ft.  A particularly scathing review revealed that, although using the iHeater caused a drop in gas cost, it also caused the electric bill to spike.  This particular reviewer tried to sell his unit, but had to take it back because the person it was sold to did not like it either.

There are some people who are happy with the iHeater.  The positive reviews are not as in depth as the negative ones, but they all state that this heater does actually work.  Several indicated that they are happy with the amount of heat that it generates.  It also was praised for being compact and portable.

An interesting inclusion in many of the positive comments is a refutation of the company’s claim that the heater operates for only $1 a day and will cut utility bills in half.  That has not been the experience of many.  As stated in the negative reviews, many who like this product remarked that it caused a drop in their fuel bill but a rise in their electric bill.

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The iHeater received more positive than negative reviews, earning the distinction of being recommended by its customers.  However, it does not live up to its claims regarding a significant reduction in utility costs.  Fuel costs will become less, but part of that is offset by a sharp rise in electricity costs.  Whether or not this heater is right for your depends on the disparity between fuel costs and electric costs in your area.

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