Review: Dr. Heater “Elite Series” Portable Infrared Heater

Dr Heater Portable Quartz + PTC Infrared Space HeaterThe Dr. Heater Elite Series Infrared Space Heater is a four in one appliance.  It functions as a heater, a humidifier, an oscillating fan, and an air purifier.

The infrared can generate enough heat to warm a 1000 sq. ft. room.  The humidifier emits a cool mist to add moisture to the notoriously dry winter air.

The removable air filter on the back of the unit removes dust and other particles from the air.  The filter is easily washed and will last for the lifetime of the unit.

And, the oscillating fan keeps the air circulating in the room even when the heater is not engaged, and can keep the same room cool during the summer.


  • This American designed infrared heating unit evenly disperses heat and will warm a 1000 sq. ft. room quickly.
  • Safe for homes with pets and children.  Safety features include an automatic tip over cut off and an automatic overheating thermal cut off system.
  • More energy efficient and produces more heat than other brands on the market.
  • Ultra quiet thanks to a low noise blower.
  • Heating elements are not exposed, reducing fire risk.

The Reviews

Reviews for the Dr. Heater Portable Quartz + PTC Infrared Space Heater have been positive overall.  However, there are some negative comments that deserve some consideration.  A couple of people complained about an odor coming from the heater.  This is typical of new heaters, however.  The odor usually dissipates once the heating elements are broken in.

More concerning is the number of reviews that are critical of the heaters ability to heat a room. Many people commented that they used the heater in rooms that were not as large as 1000 sq. ft.  These reviewers claim that this heater was not capable of warming these small rooms.  One interesting complaint stated that other remotes in the house, including the TV and cable box remote, both interfered with the operation of the heater.  The other remotes were able to turn the heater on and off.

There are, however, plenty of positive comments that refute the complaints.  One reviewer stated that the heater caused a 40% energy bill reduction when compared to a bill from the same month the previous year.  Others who used it as a supplemental heater were quite pleased with the results.

When considering the purchase of an infrared heater, you need to understand its capabilities.  These are not designed to replace your home heating system.  They are supplemental heaters.  For them to work properly, you need to heat your room first to the desired temperature then turn on the heater.  From that point, the heater should be able to keep the room warm.

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This heater is recommended.  The number of negative reviews brings this recommendation down.  However, those commenters for the most part were trying to use the unit as a main heater rather than as supplemental heat.  If you are looking for an attractive heater that will supplement your home’s heating system, not dry out the air, and lower your utility bill, then you can definitely consider this model.

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