Radiant Heaters vs Space Heaters

Ok, so you’ve decided to get some sort of heater for a room (or multiple rooms) in your home. It might be because you want to save energy and only heat the rooms you’re in. It might just be because you’re cold, dammit. But either way, you need heat.

A couple good options are radiant heaters and infrared space heaters.

Much like we showed in another article, here’s one of each:

Duraflame Livingston Infrared Quartz Heater VS Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

The one on the left is a Duraflame Livingston infrared space heater. It’s good for heating entire rooms, and it’s designed to do just that. You don’t need to point that one at you. You just need to put it in the room you want to warm up and turn it on.

The one on the right is an Optimus H-5210 radiant infrared heater. It uses technology that is similar to the Duraflame, but the design is different. It’s made to radiate heat in a single direction, it’s not made to heat entire rooms. People typically set these types of heaters up a few feet away from themselves, pointing at them.

The space heaters will be more expensive. But they will also have more control features and will be able to warm up an entire room, or even other areas in a home.

The radiant heaters will be cheaper. But they will not be as powerful as a space heater. They are also not as safety-minded in many instances, such as if you have small kids or pets.

Hopefully that helps explain the difference.

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