Infrared Heater Comparison Chart

This is our Infrared Quartz Heater comparison chart. Most of these models can be considered “portable”. We list the size, power and area ratings for each, as well as some other info. These heaters work great for heating entire rooms. You don’t have to worry about pointing them towards you directly, like radiant heaters. These are designed to heat rooms and areas similar in size to the square footage outlined below.

ImageModelPrice RangeWattsWeightHeightWidthLengthAir FilterKid/Pet SafeRemoteRoom Rating
iLIVING Portable Infrared HeateriLIVING Portable Infrared Heater$150-$2001350w24 lbs15"12"13"YesYesYes1300 sq ft
LifeSmart “Amish Inspired Power Plus” Infrared HeaterLifeSmart “Amish Inspired Power Plus” Infrared Heater$150-$2001500w39.8 lbs19"13"18"YesYesYes1200 sq ft
Lifesmart “LS-1500-6″ Portable Infrared HeaterLifesmart “LS-1500-6″ Portable Infrared Heater$150-$2001500w42 lbs19"13"18"YesYesYes1500 sq ft
iHeater IH-1500W Portable Infrared HeateriHeater IH-1500W Portable Infrared Heater$200-$2501500w26 lbs18.8"16"18.5"YesYesYes1500 sq ft
Duraflame Mighty Portable Infrared HeaterDuraflame Mighty Portable Infrared Heater$150-$2001500w28 lbs17.5"13.5"20"NoYesYes1000 sq ft
Duraflame Livingston Infrared Heater
Duraflame Livingston Infrared Heater$150-$2001350w47.5 lbs18.37"15.62"20.12"YesYesYes1300 sq ft
Dr. Heater “Original” Portable Infrared HeaterDr. Heater “Original” Portable Infrared Heater$150-$2001500w26.5 lbs13"12"15"YesYesNo1000 sq ft
Dr. Heater “Elite Series” Portable Infrared HeaterDr. Heater “Elite Series” Portable Infrared Heater$250-$3001500w27 lbs16"13"15"YesYesYes1000 sq ft is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to