I Like To Call Infrared Heaters “Magical”

Infrared heat is an interesting technology – the heat from and infrared heater radiates throughout the room evenly and basically heats up room by heating up the objects in a room, unlike other types of heaters.

I’ve noticed when I’m using one of these types of heaters that I don’t need to keep it running all the time. I can set the unit so that it is only running periodically, and it does such an efficient job of heating everything in the room that it saves me more money than running my other heating option during colder days.

I like it.

I wouldn’t have know that this sort of heater was even this efficient if I hadn’t seen it in action firsthand myself. I wish I would have had a heater like this in my college days when I was trying to pinch pennies much more than I am now. I had some pretty inefficient heating methods in some of the apartments I lived in. But oh well, what do you do?

I like to tell other people that I know about these types of heater, they usually appreciate learning about them if they haven’t heard of them before. Of course, since I have lived in Minnesota for a long time there are a lot of people that like to hear about ways to keep warm. It’s funny how much we talk about the weather and stuff. But when it’s really cold out there, and you’re sitting at home trying to keep warm, you start to appreciate stuff like this.

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