I Like To Call Infrared Heaters “Magical”

Infrared heat is an interesting technology – the heat from and infrared heater radiates throughout the room evenly and basically heats up room by heating up the objects in a room, unlike other types of heaters. I’ve noticed when I’m using one of these types of heaters that I don’t need to keep it running […]

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Radiant Heaters vs Space Heaters

Ok, so you’ve decided to get some sort of heater for a room (or multiple rooms) in your home. It might be because you want to save energy and only heat the rooms you’re in. It might just be because you’re cold, dammit. But either way, you need heat. A couple good options are radiant […]

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Are Room Heaters Safe Around Kids And Pets?

Infrared heaters, at the least the “space heater” type, are designed to be safe for kids and pets by not exposing any of the elements to open air. You may have seen some of the radiant infrared heaters, the type that are designed for directional heat – and yes some of those can be a […]

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